De Barcelona a Banyuls Sur Mer

De Barcelona a Banyuls Sur Mer

Viajando en bici por el mundo. Aquí vamos llegando a Barcelona a lo largo del mediterráneo en nuestro viaje épico en bicicleta (checa los videos previos) y después de pasar unos días increíbles en esta hermosa ciudad seguimos nuestro camino hacia Aqua Viva, Vila Bella, L’Estartit y después de una gran aventura, cruzando los montes pirineos llegamos a Banyuls Sur Mer en Francia.

Traveling by bike around the world. Here we are arriving in Barcelona along the Mediterranean on our epic bike trip (check the previous videos) and after spending some amazing days in this beautiful city we continue our way to Aqua Viva, Vila Bella, L’Estartit and after a great adventure, crossing the Pyrenees mountains we arrive at Banyuls Sur Mer in France.

Presenting our dreams

Presenting our dreams

Today we gave a presentation to the students of Jeremy’s university journalism course in Marseille. We spoke about the motivation for our trip, our goals, logistics, and the meaning and realizations we’ve found along the way, and then were interviewed by the students. Their project is to write articles using us as their subject. We felt very well received and the students asked excellent questions; I think perhaps because the French love both cycling and discussing lifestyle choices.

To the students reading this post, thank you for having us, and for your incisive questions. Here are some links related to our talk that you might find useful.

We have a page with resources about lifestyle design and living lucidly.

Links to information about bicycle touring:

You can find many other’s stories of tours at crazyguyonabike.

Hospitality exchange networks we use:

We also have used Airbnb instead of hotels.

When we arrive in Greece we will be staying with our friends at Atlantis Books. It was inspired by Shakespeare and Company in Paris, where I first met Jeremy.

UPDATE: Eugénie’s paper has been published online with