Living lucidly

Consider a life lived freely, to go and do and be and feel as one chooses. What would it take to succeed in this? Many presume living a materialistic lifestyle will provide the ultimate basis for freedom. Certainly there are many levels which support a flourishing existence, each an area for growth and development. This page will collect links to resources for learning to live lucidly.

Living instead of working

Society is strongly tilted towards pursuing wealth, work and career, and as deceptively pleasant as the hedonic treadmill may be, some days we feel like a tool. Learning to live with less is the basis to pursue that which you find most meaningful.

Movement and living anywhere

Making friends with your body

Our subjective experience is tightly coupled with the state of our bodies; sight shifts in blood chemistry affect our mood, and when we’re old and toothless we’re really going to be sad. Must that be the case? Only if we grasp to an identity of a healthy and beautiful young body. If we instead are able to accept the dynamic nature of our bodies we can enjoy what we have, good and bad.

Buddhist meditation

Practicing lucid dreaming

This video by Charlie Morley is a good introduction to bringing mindful awareness into all stages of dream, sleep and waking life.