I woke up this morning and found a lot of messages from my family and friends, first I started to see some photos of disasters and then I saw a building collapsed in the center of the city where I grew up, in that moment I realized that something horrible had happened . A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City, my birth-town, the City of Cuernavaca where I grew up and the City of Puebla where I lived and studied university. The three states are united by the great Volcano Popocatepetl, who has given me beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I have family and friends in all three states. Everyone is afraid of more tremors coming.

So far Cuernavaca has the highest number of deaths from the earthquake.

A close friend and her daughter are injured today and lost everything, as the building where they lived, La Torre Latinoamericana, collapsed completely (see video below).

On the road that connects Mexico City with Cuernavaca, which I have traveled on countless occasions by car and bus, a bridge collapsed, the pavement opened and giant stones fell.

There are several videos circulating, which show the fall of buildings in Mexico City these are the ones that shocked me the most.

In Puebla one of the most beautiful cities of Mexico, also many buildings were damaged.

Returning to my city Cuernavaca, It gave me great sadness to see the damage on the Cortés Palace and the Cathedral, the two most beautiful and historic buildings we have.

The same day 32 years ago September 19, 1985, Mexicans experienced a mega-earthquake that destroyed much of Mexico City and I remember it took years to rebuild it. I also remember how many people who were homeless and frightened moved to live in Cuernavaca, I remember that we received a family in our house while they found a place to live. The teachers in the schools were afraid and made us practice again and again the drills in case of trembling. It was an event that affected us all in many ways. And now we will have to live all of that again.

I feel sad for Mexico. It is a beautiful place with wonderful people, but there are also people who do us much harm, like narcos, corrupt politicians, thieves, policemen who don’t do their work, etc. We Mexicans have suffered a lot because of this type of people who do not love their country nor its people. It is not only sad to see my family and friends frightened day by day. Now also in this month two earthquakes have manifested, generating even more suffering.

Now all the attention is focused on Mexico City but Cuernavaca City has the highest number of deaths from the earthquake. I want to ask the world for my city. There are many people and many organizations helping and doing well, but there are other corrupt ones that you can not trust. So I am collecting donations from friends all over the world and I will make sure they get to the people who need it.

So much is required such as medications, baby and adult food, blankets, diapers, etc. Your donation can bring these things to the victims of the earthquake.

(Thanks for all your kind donations! I made a video for all the donnors to see the communities we helped)

If you want to help please share this article and donate if you can do it. Thanks, your help is appreciated.

Many of you don’t know me but some of you know that I have practiced the Buddha’s teaching of living an ethical life and for the benefit of others.

Here’s a video I made of about it

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