Dear Friends,

Thanks to you, we’re going to the CEB teachers training!

Our Indiegogo campaign didn’t quite reach 100%, but including the in-person contributions we received and a bit on a credit card we have just enough to fund the trip. It will be a big experience – travelling to Scotland to spend five weeks in an intense retreat – and it truly wouldn’t be happening without the generous support that each one of you has put forth. Receiving financial support from one’s community is humbling, and begets a determination to do great good with the precious support given. We’re definitely inspired to make the most of our ambitions.

The householders of bygone Asian societies have traditionally supported those leading spiritual lives – the monastic communities – allowing them to singlemindedly pursue something both regarded as a primary objective. Such support is rare in today’s individualistic, materialistic-oriented society, but today it seems phentermine kindness is trending, with the mobilization of platforms such as indiegogo and and studies that show . It is becoming less useful to think of ourselves as individuals, and more as points of contact between everything else. This is so deeply, imperceptibly good, and I’m less humble than bluntly happy to be sharing this trend with you.

With burst hearts,

A & Q

Update 2022: Alma has been teaching CEB over the years and helped many students implement the tools from this wonderful course in their lifes. Especially during the pandemic many people benefited. You can register for upcoming courses here