The Korean monastery is located in an ancient town, Sravasti, where the Buddha spent several years of his life teaching and meditating. One of his disciples built phentermine a monastery for him and his followers, it was called Jetavana. The remains of it are frequently visited by pilgrims who stay in monasteries built around this area.

At the Korean monastery there is a Zen master who has great wisdom.

We would get up at 4am to meditate with Zen master silently until 5am. Then we would go to sit by the fire while we waited for the bell announcing breakfast. After the traditional prayer of the refuge we fed with exquisite Korean food cooked by an Indian cook.

At 8am we had tea with Zen Master sometimes over an apparently superficial topic of conversation, others in silence, but in the end he was always using whatever was arising in the present moment to give us a profound teaching.

At 10am we would recite the with the zen master whom we called Kun Sunim which means teacher in Korean. The sutra talks about wisdom and the immense merit that transmitting it has. Kun Sunim lives to transmit this wisdom in the same place where 2.500 years ago the Buddha first taught it to his disciples.

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